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21 Nov '16

Arts Tasmania Chairman’s Bursary / Island magazine Young Writers Program

Posted by Kate Harrison

The former Chair of the Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board, Damian Bugg has forgone his fees as Chair in order to fund a number of targeted programs, including a young writers program. The aim of this program is to support emerging writers in the early stages of their career by having their work published in Island.



Applicants must be residing in Tasmania, under 30 years of age and not currently undertaking an undergraduate course at university. Post-graduate students are eligible to apply however the completed work cannot form part of their assessable work for their post-graduate studies.

For the purpose of this Bursary the definition of ‘emerging writer’ will be someone who has not had a novel, short story collection or poetry collection published by either a major or independent publisher and who is not currently under contract to a publisher for a work of fiction or poetry.

Eligible applicants may have had stories or novel excerpts published in magazines, literary journals or online, but this is not a requirement.



Island will be looking for a piece of fiction, a nonfiction essay, an art feature and two poems. Applicants are encouraged to submit the full body of work to youngwriters@islandmag.com, specifying the category and including a 50 word biography.

Applicants are welcome to submit at any time however submissions will close once all categories have been filled. Please note that the dates of publication of the accepted work will be at the discretion of Island’s Managing Editor.

Material already submitted to Island during 2016 will be considered eligible, and does not need to be resubmitted.