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Bright Thinking: Luck

  • Founders Room Salamanca Arts Centre 77 Salamanca Place Battery Point, TAS, 7004 Australia (map)

Bright Thinking: Luck

"Luck affects everything; let your hook always be cast; in the stream where you least expect it, there will be a fish." Ovid

"Depend on the rabbit's foot if you will, but remember that it didn't work for the rabbit." R.E. Shay.

Hosted by Island magazine, New Philosopher, Womankind, Salamanca Arts Centre and poet store.

This is the fifth instalment of Bright Thinking, a discussion in the style of the French philo café started by Marc Sautet in Paris. It is held each month in The Founders Room at Salamanca Arts Centre with a staffed bar. Entry is free.

Panelists include Kerry Howells from the University of Tasmania and New Philosopher magazine editor Zan Boag. 

Topic: 'the lottery of life' (Luck)

What role does luck play in our lives? 

What are the odds of dying in a plane accident, choking on a piece of meat, writing the great novel, being born in the first place? 

What influence does the time when and place where you're born have on your chances in life? 

Do we live in a meritocracy and if so, what does that imply if we don't succeed? 

What drives people to gamble, and why do people think they'll 'get lucky'? 

What sort of language do we use around luck, chance, fate, fortune, and risk - and why? 

Can you increase your chance of being 'lucky' by increasing your 'luck surface area'? 

How has superstition driven human behaviour over the milennia? 

Is 'success' nothing more than sheer luck?


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