TasWeekend: Gather round and let me tell you a tale

" … In Melbourne, a group of friends is meeting a few times a year to read Australian short stories aloud. The Story Time for Adults club is hosted by writer Jane Rawson at her home with the usual book-club enticements of wine and tea.

It’s a format Island magazine general manager Kate Harrison is considering rolling out in Hobart. She already runs the Tassie branch of No Lights No Lycra, a monthly event where guests come along to dance in the dark, as well as its literary sister, Silent Reading. Harrison launched Silent Reading in February. It usually attracts 30-50 bookworms, who arrive with their current tome for a quiet session at a local eatery.

‘There’s something calming about people sitting around reading,’ says Harrison. ‘People can be out and feel they are part of something without having to socialise. There is no judgment if you are there on your own.’ “

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