Tasmania’s Rosny Barn to host a celebration of all things literary and poetic

IF you want to get back into reading but can’t find the time, a silent reading party at the Rosny Barn on Wednesday night might just be the start you need.

"Hosted by Island magazine and Transportation Press, the 90-minute silent reading party is a chance to dive into a book in the company of other readers and enjoy food and drink.

“Island magazine has been hosting silent reading parties for about a year.

‘When people come along, quite often they’re people who love reading but just get too distracted at home or at work,’ Island magazine general manager Kate Harrison said. ‘It’s nice for them to go somewhere where the specific purpose is reading. People are encouraged to bring whatever they want to read. I love looking around and seeing different types of books people are reading.’

Ms Harrison said she hoped the silent reading parties reminded people of the benefits of reading and encouraged them to set time aside to read.“

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