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Matthew Lamb

Wiki Government

Using online communities to loosen the constraints of politics on good public policy
by David Bartlett

A Sound and Sensible Proposal
Writing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples into the Constitution
by George Williams

Journalism Ethics for the Digital Age
The difficulties and prospects for developing an ethical journalism
An Interview With Denis Muller

An Australian Superman
What if baby Superman had landed in outback Australia?
by Damon Young

Translating Culture and Comics
The art of the graphic novel
by Joshua Santospirito

Tasmanian Hauntings
The AustLit database of Tasmanian literature
by Kerry Kilner

Slow Reading
Reading to understand the world
by Michelle Boulous Walker

Other People's Lives
Australians love to read biographies
by Ruth Quibell

Black Words
Chock Lit is the New Black
by Kerry Kilner

How To Think Like A Theatre Critic
The secret to making yourself invisible
by Alison Croggon

A Crown for God's Wife
Making Kirsha Kaechele's wedding crown
by Emma Bugg

50 Ways to Kill Renny Kodgers The Twilight Girls and Renny Kodgers:
À Rebours Pat Brassington
Material Traces Andrew Hazewinkel

Alan the Recluse Lenny Bartulin (From 'A Concise Dictionary of Antipodean Saints')
Skinsuit James Bradley
Love is a Stranger Tegan Bennett Daylight
Case History No. 6: Molluscular Dermatitis Sunil Badami
Too Solid Flesh Angela Meyer

Vagrant Bird Bulletin/Winterspring Emily Bitto
Ennui/Charm To Cover New Ground Kate Middleton
Retreating Moods Luke Beesley
Pastorela/Christ Tomaž Šalamun
Frost Bear/Black Bear Paula Bohince