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Island welcomes submissions of nonfiction, fiction and poetry.


We believe that writers ought to be the first readers of the literary magazines in which they publish their work so for this reason, if you are not already a subscriber when your work is accepted for publication, your contributor's fee package will include an annual subscription. 

For a small literary magazine, this is a necessary step in a long-term strategy to build circulation. This, in turn, will allow us to increase the amount we can afford to pay our writers. 

As part of a 2017/18 project supported by the Australia Council for the ArtsCopyright Council Cultural Fund and fundraising initiatives, Island magazine were able to pay rates based on those recommended by the Australian Society of Authors for Island 150, Island 151, Island 152 and Island 153. This project recognised the value of writers' work and financially remunerated writers appropriately for the time and effort involved in their contribution. To ensure rates like this can continue beyond four issues, increased income via sales, subscriptions and donations is essential.  

Donations can be made here. To get an idea of what kind of content we publish, you can purchase back issues here or better yet, subscribe here to receive the latest issue.

For more information on our contributor fee policy, see here.

Please include a 50-word bio with your submission. If successful, you will have the opportunity to amend this bio at the time of publication.