Top 5 Australian Literary Magazines

Here at The Plus Ones we’re usually telling you where to go and what to see and do. This time we’re giving you some recommendations on what to read. Specifically where to find new and upcoming writers in fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Australia has a small but diverse selection of literary journals and magazines. We’ve collected our favourite five currently in publication which we urge you check out.

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Taking Five with Island magazine

Island is one of Australia’s premier literary magazines. Founded in 1979 in Hobart, over the past 37 years Island has featured a mix of fiction, poetry and articles from multiple Australian luminaries. AWM recently spoke to Vern Field, Managing Editor of Island magazine, about poetry, publishing, and being a print-only magazine in the modern publishing industry.

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Miles Franklin winner David Ireland back with World Repair Video Game

By Nicholas Rothwell


In the great years of Australia’s late 20th-century cultural expansion, novelist David Ireland widely was seen as one of the brightest stars in the literary sky: a voice in tune with the vernacular, a poetic chronicler of everyday experiences; in the form of his writing radical, in the angle of his approach to his subjects direct, demotic, free from convention’s stultifying constraint.

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